Segna Secures Y Combinator Investment

The best way to let your users

import csv files



csv files

If you allow users to upload csv files through your app, you should be using Segna! Segna automatically normalises and cleans your data and allows you to customize the data importing workflow.

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    Supports .csv, .xlsx, Google Sheets, and more
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    Push data directly to your database
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    ML-powered data normalization
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Data detection and parsing

Segna automatically detects and parses uploaded data. No need to code custom logic for every possible file, we'll find the data table that matters and clean out the garbage.

Smart column matching

Once you've defined an output schema, Segna automatically matches input data to your output schema - even if the column names are completely different.

Smart splitting

No more janky regex required - automate mundane workflows like splitting names and extracting addresses. Segna pulls data apart for you so that it's clean, accurate, and ready to use when it arrives at its destination.

Complete visibility of the data

See if your data makes sense - you have access to metrics and metadata to any file uploaded, such as the number of missing values, data type of each column, timezone, unique values in the dataset, and much more!


With Segna, you won't need to worry about failed uploads. Instead, Segna handles all the work so that you can focus on providing a delightful experience for your users.

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    Scale to TB file sizes
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    Write directly to S3, Snowflake, Postgres and many more
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    Optional prebuilt data importing UI elements
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    JavaScript and Python Client Libraries
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    End-to-end multi-layer encryption
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    Plug in custom Python Scripts
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    Monitoring with real-time notifications
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    Aggregate and clean multiple data sources


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Integrating Segna into Hey Yabble — our world-first AI-powered insights generator — has allowed us to build a remarkably smooth, delightful experience for our customers faster than we imagined possible. The Segna team has been incredibly helpful and have proven themselves willing to go above and beyond to make the integration work.

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Ben Roe - Head of Product, Yabble


Pricing Plans

14-day Free Trial
USD per month
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Segna Icon Bullet Point$2 Pay-as-you-go per GB
USD per seat/month
Segna Icon Bullet PointEnterprise SLA
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