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The all-in-one Data Importer that does everything you need to get customers using your product ASAP.

Get started on creating magical data onboarding experiences

Customer data always has errors. Build once, get accurate data forever.

Customer data is pesky - it’s always a weirdly named column, the datetime column in a million different formats, or some other issue that breaks your importer. Build once with Segna - we’ll handle it.
Accurate data forever
Free up and focus

Free up customer success and dev teams. Focus on what matters.

Customer success constantly overburdened? Dev teams sick of creating yet another importing flow for some edge case? Segna’s AI handles a huge variety of edge cases so you can get customers using your product in minutes, not days.

Get a premium data onboarding experience in minutes, not months.

Create an unparalled data onboarding experience for your customers with our Data Importer. Good onboarding experiences improve conversion - imagine if you could do this in minutes.
Premium in minutes

"Integrating Segna into Hey Yabble — our world-first AI-powered insights generator — has allowed us to build a remarkably smooth, delightful experience for our customers faster than we imagined possible."

Ben Roe, Head of Product

Segna feature tiles

Date-time and timezone magic

  • Auto-detect date-time columns
  • Auto formats date-time to configured format
  • Convert columns to desired timezone
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Smart column matching

  • Intelligently map columns to output schema
  • ML/AI powered matching that improves
  • Mappings are correctable and flexible
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Currency conversions

  • Convert data to 10+ currencies
  • Real-time, reliable exchange rates
  • Automatically suggest currency conversions
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Importing that's intelligent

AI-powered data wrangling for a personalised upload experience

Data detection and parsing

  • Automatically finds data structure
  • Gets rid of junk surrounding the data
  • Fixes or handles most parsing issues
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Any format supported

  • Google Sheets, csv, Excel, JSON + more
  • Automatically detect format
  • Allows for sheet selection in a spreadsheet
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Secure data handling

  • Multi-layered military grade encryption
  • Can configure to purge data after every upload
  • Built on secure cloud infrastructure
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Send upload data anywhere

Send uploaded data anywhere

No need to figure out to send your data to your back-end infrastructure

Send uploaded data directly to your database or datalake, or even as webhook!

If there’s any connector missing, ping us directly at and we’ll build it in no time


Need more control? Try our APIs.

Fully customize your data importing experience by using our powerful, yet simple, APIs.

You can also use our React or vanilla JavaScript client libraries.

Not only that, but you can add Python Scripts to change the data exactly how you want to!